Newborn Essentials Pack

$ 91.00 NZD
  • Newborn Essentials Pack

Newborn Essentials Pack

$ 91.00 NZD

Get into Real Nappies with this gorgeous Essentials Pack

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The Essentials pack includes:

  • Cloth Nappy Inserts: 12x Newborn Size.  Super soft, breathable and divinely soft.  You will fall in love with our 100% cotton prefolds, soft and snug for a newborn to soft and super absorbent for a toddler.

  • Real Snug Wraps: 3x Newborn Size.  Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.

  • Bioliner Nappy Liners: 1 pack of 100.  Make clean-up a breeze - flush the smells away with these super soft liners made of corn.

  • Helpful User Guide x 1.  In need of a H.U.G?  We’ve got one all wrapped up in this delightful user guide.

Amazing deal at over 20% off the total retail value.

Beautiful and Soft

Gorgeous soft and colourful covers and gentle snuggly cotton inserts for baby's comfort.


Saving money and without compromising the planet.

2-child guarantee

Our nappies will last you through two children or we replace them.